II International Conference on Astrotourism

Held on the Island of La Palma, the Starlight Destination and Starlight Reserve

25th, 26th and 27th September 2015

Santa Cruz de La Palma (Canary Islands)

The store damer dating “Second International Conference on AstroTourism” continues the theme of the segnali opzioni binarie forum “International Workshop: Marketing of Star Tourism Products” held in La Palma in 2014 as a forum for the exchange of best practices by developers and agents from various national and international destinations with agendas to stimulate star tourism.

Knowledge of the local experiences developed and the marketing strategies followed, allowed delegates to approach the challenges of placing these unique tourism experiences on the market. The value acquired by the emergence of a network of personal and institutional relationships and the exchange of ideas, initiatives and strategies, has forged the need to establish a wide sphere of solid cooperation, based on the exchange of know-how, trend analysis and innovation in star tourism products.

Star tourism can strengthen the expertise and positioning of tourist destinations. The objectives addressed in this year’s conference are: reflecting on these opportunities; the conditions for the success of astrotourism products and services; and helping to consolidate a web of innovative entrepreneurs around this emerging product.


  1. To learn local experiences which have defined development strategies in astro-tourism.

  2. Identify innovative astrotourism products created from the application of resources and astronomical themes.

  3. Deepen innovative approaches in tourist destinations based on the theme of the heavens and strategies for the creation of experiential products.

  4. Establishing links for cooperation in future initiatives in the development of tourism products.


  • Leaders and managers of tourist destinations.

  • Professionals and staff responsible for product design and local tourist services.

  • Astrotourism entrepreneurs.

  • Starlight guides, tour guides.

  • Other tourism professionals.

  • Amateur astronomers.

  • University students.


Circo de Mars Theatre.

Santa Cruz de La Palma 5, Calle Virgen de la Luz.

(Lectures held in Spanish)

Friday, 25 September 2015 (afternoon)

Saturday, 26 September 2015


  • 09:30 Lecture: wie funktioniert anyoption Criteria for Sky Quality and the implication of light pollution for science and the enjoyment of astronomy.

    Dr. Antonia Varela Pérez: IAC astrophysicist. Certification Auditor for the Starlight Foundation.

  • 10:00 Lecture: buy Seroquel without prescription Building tourism experiences from astronomy: expeditions, workshops and a mobile observatory.

    Mr. Gernot Meiser: Photographer and designer. President of “Cassiopeia e.V. Saarlouis”. TWAN member.

    Mrs. Pascale Demy: Journalist. Travel Reporter for stellar events.

  • 10:45 Lecture: binaire opties succes The Starmus Festival: a fun-scientific event as a tourist attraction. (Canary Islands).

    Dr. Garik Israelian: IAC astrophysicist. Festival director STARMUS.

  • 11:15 Break – Coffee.

  • 11:45 Lecture: Astrotourism Products related to astrophotography.

    Dr. Babak Tafreshi: Founder and Director of The World at Night Program (TWAN). (This talk will be translated)

  • 12:30  Astrotourism from a locomotive astro-infrastructure: The Montsec Astronomical Park (Spain).

    Dr. Salvador Ribas Rubio: Astrophysicist. Professor Universitat de Barcelona. Scientific director of the Montsec Astronomical Park.


  • 13:00  a fantastic read Creative destinations with regard to astrotourism for travellers of the 21st century.

    Dr. Carmelo J. León González: Director UNESCO Chair in Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development. Director of the Tourism Institute TIDES. University of Las Palmas.

  • 13:30  Tastylia tadalafil 20 mg Product innovation in tourist destinations from the cultural and natural perspective.

    Dr. Agustin Santana Talavera: Professor of Anthropology. Director of the Institute of Political and Social Sciences of the University of La Laguna. Tourism Chair CajaCanarias – Ashotel – ULL.

  • 16:00 New approaches to new demands in the design of astrotourism experiences. 

    Dr. Sergio Moreno Gil: Professor of Economics and Management. University of Las Palmas. TIDES Institute. UNESCO Chair in Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development

  • 16:30 Lecture:  follow link Configuring a tourist destination once the certification of the sky quality has been achieved. The example of Alqueva (Portugal).

    Dr. Miguel Claro: Popularizer of astronomy, Astrophotographer of the Starlight Reserve Alqueva (Portugal).

  • 17:00  Presentation of Posters.  Rules for submissions of posters

  • 18:00 Coffee – Break.

  • 18:30 Lecture: Innovation, improving competitiveness and creating an international astrotourism brand. The case of the Region of Coquimbo (Chile).

    Dr. Alberto Duarte Pardo: Coquimbo Regional Director. National Tourism Service of Chile (SERNATUR). Mrs. Pamela Duarte Ponce: Marketing Officer SERNATUR Coquimbo Region.

  • 19:00 Lecture: Astrotourism on the island of La Palma, opening a viewpoint to the Universe (Canary Islands)

    Mr. Juan Antonio González Hernández: Starlight Guide. Consultant and astro-entrepreneur.

  • 19:30 Lecture: Astrotourism from the cultural genesis of a small town: Teruel (Spain).

    Mrs. Maribel Aguilar Martin: Journalist and Starlight Guide. Astro-entrepreneur and promoter of astronomy “Earth and Heaven.”

  • 20:00 Conclusions of the day

    Dr. Carlos Fernández Hernández: Professor of Applied Economics area. University of La Laguna. Tourism Chair CajaCanarias – Ashotel – ULL. Conference Director.

  • 20:30 End of session.

Sunday, 27 September 2015 (morning)


  • 08:30 Departure from Santa Cruz de La Palma Astrotourism and storytelling in the volcanic landscape of La Palma.
    Mrs. Sheila Crosby: Software engineer, Starlight Guide, author of the guide book to the observatory (A Breathtaking Window on the Universe) and fiction set on La Palma. Owner of Dragon Tree Publishing.


  • 09:30 Lecture: Wines, the moon and Malvasia from lava landscapes.
    Mr. Carlos M. Lozano Pérez: Winemaker. Teneguia wineries.

  • 10:30 Looking at the sun between the sky and the volcanoes the Awaras knew.

    Mr. Juan Antonio González Hernández: Starlight Guide. Consultant and And Mr. Miguel A. Martín González: Archaeoastronomical historian and researcher. Editor of the magazine Iruene.

  • 11:30 Travel to Puerto Naos



  • 12:30 The planets in a constellation of scales (The group will split into two, which then then swap over)

    Dr. Ana María García Suárez: Astrophysics graduate. Astro-entrepreneur:

    Mr. Antonio Ángel Moreno González: Graduate in Tourism. Starlight Guide. Director of tourism training programme.

  • 12:30 Gastro-solar experience on an organic farm and lunch (The group will split into two, which then then swap over)

    Mr. Francisco García Lázaro: Biologist and ecosystem curator. Director of the organic estate PlátanoLógico.

    Mrs. Elena Nordio: Degree in astrophysics. Starlight Guide. Astroemprendedora Ad Astra La Palma.

  • 14:00 G-astronomical Proposal “The energy of the stars in your mouth”

     Mr. Marco Di Carlo: Director of Acropark La Palma.

    Mr. Pedro J. Hernández del Castillo: Culinary consultant and chef of the restaurant El Duende del Fuego.

  • 15:30 Return to Santa Cruz de La Palma

Organized by

  • The Island Council of La Palma
  • Ecointur Association, Tourism, Ecological Development and Social Innovation

In collaboration with

  • Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) Institute. Roque de los Muchachos Observatory.
  • Vice President Relations with Society of the University of La Laguna.
  • Institute Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development TIDES. College Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • Chair of Tourism CajaCanarias – Ashotel – University of La Laguna.
  • Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Canary Islands.
  • Santa Cruz de La Palma Town Hall
  • Starlight Foundation.
  • Acropark La Palma
  • Ad-Astra La Palma
  • Rural Tourism Association Isla Bonita
  • Association for Rural Development of the Island of La Palma.
  • ADER-La Palma
  • AstroLaPalma, SL / AstroCamp Venture, S.L.
  • Fuencaliente Town Hall • Bodegas Teneguía
  • Ecofinca PlátanoLógico.
  • Astroentrepreneurs group StarsIslandLaPalma
  • Iruene La Palma
  • PalmaClub
  • Luna Awara cheese
  • El Duende del Fuego Restaurant
  • Sepropyme, S.L.
  • Tourism Promotion Service of the Bajada of the Virgin. Training Program
  • Alternating with employment. (ADER-La Palma, SCE, ESF, SEPE).
  • Dragon Tree Publishing
  • The World At Night (TWAN)
  • Tierras y Cielos
  • VaneSM


La Palma, La Isla Bonita. Cabildo de La Palma e Islas Canarias “Latitud de vida”

Academic Director

Dr. Carlos Fernández Hernández

Area professor of Applied Economics at the University of La Laguna.

Organizing committee

  • Mrs. Ana Isabel Pérez Castañeda (Island Council of La Palma)
  • Mr. Manuel Fernando Torres Martin (Ecointur Association).
  • Dr. Ana Maria Garcia Suarez ( – AstroCamp Adventure, SL)
  • Dr. Carlos Fernández Hernández
  • Mrs. Ana Maria Rodriguez Perez (Association of Rural Tourism Isla Bonita)
  • Mrs. Sheila Crosby (Dragon Tree Publishing)
  • Mr. Angel Antonio Moreno González (ADER-La Palma; SPTBV)
  • Mrs. Abreu Candelaria Bethencourt (AstroCamp Adventure, SL)


For more information or contact the organizers, please write to: or

Number of places


How to register

  • General registration (attendance, travel and lunch during the astrotourism excursion): 60 €
  • Members of the astro-entrepreneurs group of La Palma: 45 €
  • Students: 45 €


Through the web form:

Payment for registration

Through the web:

Application deadline

September 22, 2015

Recognition of ECTS University of La Laguna

The conference is included as training offered by university extension of the University of La Laguna in the form of course entitled to obtain 1 (one) ECTS credits.

For this purpose the participants who wish to access such credits must first register with the organizer ASSOCIATION ECOINTUR at and then register on the platform of the university of of La Laguna (at .

To obtain a certificate of recognition by ECTS it will be necessary to attend a minimum of 80% of the sessions of the event, and to pass the test or work stipulated by the Academic Director of the course.