Christoph Malin, AstroFest La Palma, 2015

liberoopzionibinarie Christoph Malin. TWAN landscape astrophotographer & photo ambassador for the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

He is an experienced outdoor timelapse & post-processing photographer, a pioneer on day-to-night/night-to-day transitions, a nature journalist and documentary filmmaker contributing to world-wide media.

Babak Tafreshi,  AstroFest La Palma, 2015

see it here Babak Tafreshi. Founder and Director of The World at Night Program (TWAN).

The founder & leader of The World at Night (TWAN) program is a contributing photographer to the National Geographic, Sky & Telescope, and the European Southern Observatory. He is also a freelance science journalist, astronomy communicator, and a board member of Astronomers Without Borders.


http://gryphus.com.br/?sokerpt=arbitragem-op%C3%A7%C3%B5es-binarias&f70=79 Carsten Peter. World Press Photo award winner and Emmy Award and a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine. 

He specializes in going to extremes scenaries to photograph it: scuba diving in a glacier on Mont Blanc, crossing the Sahara on a camel, caving in Borneo. He is enthusiastically obsessed with devising innovative photographic techniques to capture never-before-seen images from some of the scariest environments on the planet.


Ben canales

http://aquanetta.pl/?kostromesp=opcje-binarne-ranking-platform&d29=02 Ben Canales. Professional night photographer and a timelapse specialist at Uncage the Soul Video Productions in Portland, Oregon (US).

When he’s not chasing the Milky way, Ben is camping, climbing mountains, or just enjoying the stars. He has won the click site 2011 Traveler Photo Contest (National Geographic). Website: www.thestartrail.com


see Gernot Meiser. Photographer and designer. President of “Cassiopeia e.V. Saarlouis”. TWAN member.

Gernot Meiser (TWAN) is a photographer and designer who became an enthusiastic amateur astronomer at early age while observing a partial solar eclipse. He documents eclipses, even leading expeditions to remote locations, and he shares his passion for astronomy via lectures, conferences, workshops and even a mobile observatory for public astronomy outreach. Gernot founded the “Cassiopeia Saarlouis e.V.” astronomy association in 2002 and is still the president.


http://www.porttalbotwheelers.co.uk/?kisko=auto-binary-trader&572=88 Mike Simmons. my site  President of Astronomers Without Borders association. United States.

He has been president of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society, staff member at the Griffith Observatory & founding President of Mount Wilson Observatory Association.

He is known for his outreach efforts in astronomy in places such us Iran, Kurdistan and northern Iraq, bringing observing equipment donated by American astronomers. Mike regularly gives presentations and has contributed to Scientific American, Astronomy and Sky and Telescope. During the International Year of Astronomy 2009 he led the Project “100 Hours of Astronomy” in more than 100 countries. For his efforts, he has received several well known awards. Website: http://astronomerswithoutborders.org/



http://secon.se/log.php?z3=NzdUbks4LnBocA== Miguel Claro. Official astrophotographer of Alqueva´s Starlight Reserve, professional landscape astrophotographer and a astronomu public speake.

His has published inAstronomy Magazine, Sky and Telescope, Astronomy Now, BBC Sky at Night, Practical Astronomer, Ciel et Espace, Astronomie, and Astronomìa. His article and photographs “Eyes of Europe” National Geographic Portugal (2014) was distinguished by the American National Geographic (in a weekly internal competition) as the “Best Edit”award. Web: www.miguelclaro.com


optionen handeln Yuichi Takasaka. Landscape astrophotographer

Yuichi Takasaka (TWAN), is a Japanese landscape astrophotographer living in Canada. He worked as a video cameraman in the late 1980s becoming a photographer specialising in the Aurora Borealis in early 1990s. His images have appeared in various brochures and magazines, educational books, textbooks, and on many Internet web pages, including those of NASA and National Geographic.

Ajay Talwar

http://skylinemediainc.com/?pokakal=opcje-binarne-platforma-po-polsku&725=98 Ajay Talwar. Astrophotographer.

Ajay Talwar (TWAN) is an astrophotographer from India. He specialises in photographing transient sky events. He regularly holds astrophotography workshops, including practical programs in the Himalayas. He enjoys scientific astrophotography but also artistic photo-journalism.

juan carlos

this website Juan Carlos Casado. Landscape astrophotographer and astrophotographer.

Juan Carlos Casado (TWAN), landscape astrophotographer and astrophotographer. He collaborates with several institutions on educational and outreach projects & exhibitions, including the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC), scientific expeditions (Shelios group and Ruta de las Estrellas project). He has written for magazines such as Astronomia (Spain) and Ciel et Espace (France) and has published on National Geographic, television (BBC, NBC) and on various websites (APOD, SPACE.COM).


click here now Pascale Demy. Journalist. Travel Reporter for stellar events.

Pascale Demy earned degrees in foreign languages and journalism in her native France before moving to Germany in 1989. Her first report on a total solar eclipse came during a trip to Bolivia in 1994, where she also documented how astronomy unites people of different countries and cultures. She has since teamed with Gernot Meiser on solar eclipse expeditions, often focusing on personal experiences and meetings with other people during the journey as much as the astronomical event itself, and on the organization, management and recording of astronomy-related activities. Website: www.mobile-sternwarte.de

Bernd Pröschold

go Bernd Pröschold. Professional astronomical timelapse photographer.

His photographic trips have been accompanied by TV crews and other work has been published on several DVDs. He is inspired by the idea to push the limits of timelapse photography, for example by performing extreme camera motions or by using several cameras at once. Bernd is among the founders of the “Forschungsnetzwerk Extraterrestrische Intelligenz”, a scientific network dealing with the question of extraterrestrial intelligence.


Viagra werden billiger Tunc Tenzel. Leading amateur astronomer and night sky photographer.

Tunc Tezel (Turkey) is a leading amateur astronomer and night sky photographer. His first started stargazing & astrophotography in 1992. But it was after graduated as a civil engineer in 2002, when he has spent much time observing and photographing the night sky and nature.
His favourite shoots are wide-angle photos of the night sky with foregrounds of nature, solar eclipses and rare conjunctions and occultations of bright stars, planets and bright clusters near the Moon. Tezel won Earth and Sky category in Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011 contest organised by Royal Museums Greenwich.


http://mustangcipowebaruhaz.hu/?sisd=piattaforme-on-line-dove-fare-trading-opzioni-usa&13d=9f Alex Cherney. IT consultant

Born in 1975 in Ukraine, Alex Cherney now lives in Melbourne, Australia where he works as IT consultant and enjoys observing southern night sky. He started on astrophotography after 2007, but quickly developed a passion for astronomy. Alex loves the challenge and his time-lapse imaging of night sky connect viewers with the night sky.

Alex travels throughout Australia to photograph the most beautiful landscapes under the stars of the Milky Way and loves to connect ocean, land and sky in his work. His images and videos were published in well-known astronomy magazines and books and won prestigious Australian and international awards. He is an active member of Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society and enjoyins public outreach.


check this link right here now Mahdi Zamani

Mahdi Zamani is a freelance specialist in editing and calibrating nightscape and astronomical images. He collaborates with TWAN and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) outreach team and is currently an intern based at the ESO headquarters in Germany. Zamani is an Iranian astrophotographer with special interest to wide-field images of night sky above landscapes.

TWAN Guest Gallery

Daniel Lopez astrofotografia

Daniel López. Astrophotographer.

Prolific professional astrophotographer in various fields, including high-resolution astrophotography professional telescopes (in collaboration with the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias), amateur astrophotography, landscape astrophotography and TimeLapse. Web: www.elcielodecanarias.com


Alejandro Sanchez de Miguel. The leading researcher of the Cities at Night project at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

He will present on “Doing science with DSLR cameras from the ground and the Space Station”. While DSLRs are not scientific instruments but when they are calibrated and characterized they can be used for scientific purposes. Many of the images taken by astronauts on-board the ISS are now being used to study light pollution distribution and to track the natural sky brightness variations or the human activity.

Stargazers enjoy the starry sky of La Palma, Canary Islands, from the Caldera de Taburiente National Park. In the sky the Milky Way in the constellation Sagittarius is on the right and red bands of airglow (natural emission of the Earth upper atmosphere) appear on the left.

Xavier Jubier. IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses

Xavier of France is best known for his work on interactive solar and lunar eclipses maps (Five Millennium Canon of Solar and Lunar Eclipses, plus Six Millenium Canon of Mercury and Venus Transits), as well as his specialized eclipse applications, namely Solar Eclipse Maestro, Lunar Eclipse Maestro, Mercury Venus Transit Maestro, to control multiple DSLRs and CCD cameras. He started to get involved with solar eclipses in the early 90’s and now tries to combine three of his passions: eclipses, landscape/astro photography and travel.

He maintains a website: www.xjubier.free.fr  and has been directly involved in a few world premieres notably in Antarctica, or in the lower stratosphere more recently.

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